Chicana liberal feminism centers on women’s desire to enhance the well-being of the Chicano community, with a special emphasis on improving the status of women… They believe, however, that Chicana subordination can be redressed through institutional reforms that improve Chicanas’ access to education, employment, and opportunity. They emphasize bringing Chicanas into the political and social mainstream…

Chicana Insurgent Feminism draws on a tradition of radical thought and political insurgency… This perspective locates the source of Chicana oppression within the cultural expressions and social institutions of a hierarchically stratified society. Reminiscent of Chicano cultural nationalism, the informant cited above calls for Chicana self- determination which encompasses a struggle against both personal and institutional manifestations of racial discrimination, patriarchy, and class exploitation… In general, Chicana Insurgent Feminism engages in a critique that calls for the radical restructuring of society. Chicanas voice commitment to developing alternative theories, empowerment through political insurgency, and social action to realize Chicana self-determination…

Chicana Liberal Feminism accepts the premise that the life chances of Chicanas can be enhanced through programs aimed at incorporating them into all facets of existing social institutions while fostering changes through established political processes… Chicana Insurgent Feminism provides the most sweeping analysis of domination based on class, race/ethnicity, and sex/gender. Those who fall into this category question the value of social integration by offering a vision of society that requires a revolutionary transformation, placing gender liberation as a prerequisite to human liberation.


Beyond Indifference and Antipathy: The Chicana Movement and Chicana Feminist Discourse, Denise A. Segura and Beatriz M. Pesquera

I feel like this clearly differentiates between radical and liberal and that is something I always have trouble wording

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