robblerobble said: I agree with everything you said, but I any think hateful statements towards any group of people regardless of the privilege they may or may not have is problematic. I just think any form of hatred should be avoided in general because there's already hatred everywhere around us.

Though I don't know your experiences with men, or how men in general treat you. I could be wrong and overly naive about all of this, and I'm willing to admit that.

I mean, you are right, in theory. It’s certainly not helpful, but I don’t think it’s particularly harmful to express your anger at the dominant groups and the privileges they benefit from. Also, whenever I say things like “I hate men” (etc.) it’s important to note that I am not really talking about all men ever, anywhere. I’m talking the institution of maleness (or whatever) that has become dominant in the world and created systems of oppression against many groups of people. I don’t *actually* really hate men- I hate the kyriarchy. It’s just easier to say. I really do understand it’s hard to not take that personally, but important to.

Also, I am honestly not really interested in expressing my anger or frustration in any “acceptable” way. I feel like when people try to suppress your feelings or mold them in a way to make them accessible to the dominant groups, that keeps the dominant groups in control of who they listen to and why, and it’s fucked up and counterproductive. We deserve to be heard no matter which way we’re presenting ourselves, because we deserve nothing less.

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